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Graphene electronic paper - the world\'s best performance of the electronic paper

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       It is reported that April 27, the world's first graphene electronic paper come in Guangzhou! Graphene successfully developed electronic paper will enhance the performance of electronic paper to a new height, but also for the industrialization of graphene to create a new space.

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Graphene electronic paper Features

    Graphene electronic paper compared to traditional electronic paper, bent stronger, higher strength, and further broaden the application of electronic paper display is very suitable for wearable electronic devices and networking and other areas that require ultra-flexible displays; compared with the ITO film, the use of graphene will not only reduce production costs, and graphite materials inexhaustible. Further, since the high transmittance of graphene materials, will make the electronic paper display brightness better.
Graphene electronic paper applications

    Graphene in all types of electronic paper e-reader (electronic book), electronic textbooks and supplementary products (such as e-book package), mobile phones, wearable electronic devices (watches, bracelets, etc.), electronic supermarket price tags, smart cards, industrial instrumentation and other fields has been applied, the market capacity is expanding rapidly. The successful application of graphene electronic paper, so that our country in the industrialization of graphene applications and a step forward, marking the leading edge of the graphene applications have been walking in the world.
Graphene research and development of electronic paper background

    It is reported that the Austrian wing Greek electronic ink and Chongqing in August 2015 signed a cooperation agreement, the Austrian wing use electronic ink Chongqing offers hope graphene material developed graphene electronic paper. In the development process lasted nearly a year, the two sides after several adjustment parameters, formulas and processes, to jointly develop the ability to replace ITO film graphene films, as well as corresponding electronic ink formulation and coating process, the electronic ink can be coated cover forming graphene electronic paper on graphene film.
Graphene Introduction
    Graphene is a two-dimensional crystals, only the thickness of a single layer of carbon atoms in graphene, ie 0.335 nm, corresponding to the thickness of a human hair is 20 parts per million. Graphene is the hardest known thinnest one material almost entirely transparent, and has a very high specific surface area, superior conductivity and flexibility advantages. Although countries in the world to carry out applied research of graphene, but on a global scale graphene has no large-scale industrial applications.


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