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China Ningbo Third Global Competition was officially launched the new materials industry

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       Recruitment for the global quality project covers six policy division set up 10 million prize

       WASHINGTON (Reporter correspondent Yang Jiang) this afternoon, China? Ningbo Third Global Competition start new materials industry in Ningbo. Reporters learned from the press conference competition, this competition a total of four domestic division, two division overseas, set a minimum of 200 million yuan, up 30 million yuan policy incentives. Competition starts on May 20 to September until the finals, which lasted four months, across the Eurasian continent, the global search for quality projects, to create a new global resource materials docking platform.

       Global competition and new materials industry has been held twice, compared with the previous two, a higher standard of this competition, Division wider population coverage and more.

       According to contest organizer of a future race Zhejiang Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd. Executive General Manager Liao Yan Jieshao, this competition is introduced thousands of think tanks, thousands of people throughout the magazine as a strategic partner, the introduction of Ningbo Branch of Bank of China Science and Technology as a full financial partner. "Among them, the introduction of thousands of think tank platform to enhance the contest specifications, thousands of Western Returned Scholars Association is a think tank think tank coalition units, based on the State 'thousands of plans," the official magazine magazine as the basis, bringing together the countries' people plan '' people plan 'and other top talent, wisdom and strength, thousands of think tanks will provide high-end competition intellectual support. "Jinhui representation.

      Collection of global resources for entrepreneurs to build high-end platform

      It is understood that China? Ningbo Third Global competition and new materials industry by the Organization Department of Ningbo Municipal (Municipal Personnel Office), Ningbo National Hi-tech Zone (New Material Science and Technology City) hosted by the CMC, Zhejiang Province in the guide, Ningbo City, innovation and entrepreneurship management service Center, Zhejiang Cerberus investment management Co., Ltd., Zhejiang, a future race venture Capital management Limited has undertaken.

     Sino-German Technology Innovation Center, Germany MIG, China-EU high-level personnel exchange center, Israel Trendlines Group, Israel depression Acquisition Corporation, a global network of new materials, materials +, a partner, timber Newell, co-sponsored think tank, new materials of Ningbo Bank of China Municipal Science and Technology branch as a financial support for a strategic partner throughout the contest was held.

     Competition received thousands of think tanks, Cerberus Silicon Valley incubator, Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology of Germany Alumni Association, Ningbo Institute of Material Technology and Engineering, Beijing Pan Rui Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Institute of composite materials, new materials, online, new carbon-ene co-support material, unbounded financial institutions such as investment.

  The four major Division, two Overseas Division

      Liao Yan Jieshao, the new materials industry worldwide competition aimed at a global look to new materials, the depth of mining projects with the world's leading venture forefront of technology, closely and actively introduce global entrepreneurial talent and capital strength, to build a global information channels and collaboration platform , gathering elements of innovation and entrepreneurship and the growth of new material project, the project for the new material, most investors to build a professional investment and financing docking platform.

      In May, China? Ningbo Third Global Competition officially set sail new materials industry, new materials contest this year compared to previous years, the biggest bright spot is the division coverage, in addition to Chongqing, Nanjing, Beijing national stadium, this competition two new big overseas Division ------ Japan as the center of Asia Division in Germany as the center of the European Division. Overseas Division mainly for two major industries closely related to the industry to develop new materials industry overseas, covering biology, construction, chemical, environmental protection, energy, weaving, automotive equipment and other high-tech and new materials industries.

     Domestic Division places the focus of the city, driven from point to surface multi-regional distribution, held a press conference and launch from Ningbo Start, to Chongqing as the center of the Central Division, with Nanjing as the center of the East Division, with Beijing as the center North Division to carry out trials, and ultimately, after a fierce PK, cut the 50 projects will be held the third global competition finals new materials industry in Ningbo, compete for the ultimate prize.

     A minimum of 200 million yuan, up 30 million yuan reward policy

     Contest organizers prepared a 30 million yuan for the highest policy entrepreneurs "red" - if quality entries meet the relevant conditions and institutional investors access to investment, will enjoy a certain amount of venture funding further.

     The organizing committee responsible person introduction, for the introduction of high-level personnel and excellent project located in Ningbo, Ningbo National Hi-tech Zone (New Material Science and Technology City) Ningbo CMC Policy "3315 Plan", high-tech zones "High-tech Venture elite" according to plan for the establishment of specialized talent contest finalists personnel policy "through train."

     For competition to stand out of the project, such as project led personnel in line with the year 2016 the city of "3315 Plan" bulletin entrepreneurship and innovation talent requirements and settled in Ningbo, can be classified as direct "3315 Plan" talent (100 million), the lowest high-tech zones to give " High-tech venture elite "plan D class award (100 million), a total of 200 million to finance expenses.

     For competition to stand out of the project, such as project team to meet the 2016 annual city "3315 Plan" bulletin entrepreneurial innovation team requirements, can apply directly to the city next year "3315 Plan" Entrepreneurship and Innovation team of experts reply stage, receive up to 30 million yuan policy incentives (which the City '3315 plan' up to 2000 yuan, the high-tech entrepreneurial elite program up to 1000 million). "In other words, just go to the contest project that meets the requirements, you can get a minimum of 200 million yuan, up 30 million yuan of policy incentives." The person in charge.

     A large influx of new global projects and material resources

      This competition strictly follow an open, fair, fair, merit-based competition, and new materials for the global collection of high-quality projects.

      Contest judges expert group consisting of venture capital experts, industry experts, they will participate in the first instance, regional trials, the semi-finals of the review. Group of expert judges from various aspects of technology and products, business models and implementation options, industry and market, the project team and other considerations, the final Top 50 high-quality projects promoted competition.

       "Long before the competition starts, the joint committee has a number of partners to help entrepreneurs worldwide to receive cutting-edge technology and high-quality resources." Organizing Committee, responsible person. For example, thousands of think tanks, gathering Sino-German Technology Innovation Center, Germany MIG, China-EU high-level personnel exchange center, Israel Trendlines Group, Israel depression Acquisition Corporation, a global network of new materials, materials +, a partner, timber Newell, new think tanks and other professional material new material bodies.

      Financing has been held twice reached the amount of 800 million yuan

      New materials industry, global competition has been successfully held twice, attracting more than a thousand people in the eyes of the new materials industry, attracting thousands of entrepreneurial projects from Beijing, Ningbo, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the United Kingdom, the United States and other places involved more than 112 institutional investors, to observe the number of more than 3,000 people, according to incomplete statistics, the amount of investment and financing event reached 800 million yuan.

      Competition and industry linkage

      New material science and technology city - Ningbo create new materials industry, "gold card"

      New Material Technology Ningbo City, the core area of ??the National Hi-tech Zone, Ningbo Higher Education Park North agglomeration area, Zhenhai new Seongbuk three blocks form, the planned total land area of ??55 square kilometers. Major projects Ningbo Hi-tech New Material Technology Ningbo city as a municipal government to implement "double-drive, four-governance" strategy, are responsible for constructing Ningbo new heights, leading the major mission of Ningbo International Development.

      Up to now, Ningbo Hi-tech Zone (New Material Science and Technology City) has introduced a total of academicians, including studios, multinational R & D centers, technology transfer centers and other compound schools, more than 200 R & D and technology services, gathering Ningbo City, about 60% above the level of R & D institutions. New Material Technology Ningbo City has a central "Thousand Talents Program" expert 25, "thousands of people plan" Talents of 38, ranking the forefront of Ningbo; Ningbo City, "3315" program team, talent 92 (name).

      Meanwhile, the new material science and technology city has a number of high-profile business incubator physical carrier. Among them, the Ningbo Science and Technology Innovation Center, Zhejiang University Science Park Ningbo Branch Park, Yonggang modern business service center, Ningbo City National University Science Park is a national business incubator.

      In recent years, Ningbo Hi-tech talent gathered, innovation and entrepreneurship, science and technology and actively explore the financial, unveiled innovation, talent "double ten", the city of Ningbo New Material Technology innovation and entrepreneurial environment has improved.
 In 2014, the city was first introduced new materials technology and new materials industry worldwide contest, a contest to start the global attention of new materials industry. By 2015, new materials, new materials science and technology city once again set off a wave of innovation and entrepreneurship, and the second session of the new materials industry worldwide competition homeopathic sky. After two consecutive contest, Ningbo City, brand new material science and technology in the world started.

      By 2016, Ningbo Third Global competition and new materials industry gearing up, struck three times, the world's new materials industry will be how to set off the climax, let's wait and see!

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