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3M launched a new global brand promise - "3M technology to improve life."

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3M officially launched a new corporate brand promise - "3M technology to improve life" to highlight the positive impact on the world of 3M Company. The new brand promise through innovative way to display 3M fields are involved, in order to highlight the company's business strategy. From the car of 3M glass beads, to the doctor's office placed a Bluetooth stethoscope; improving road safety micro-reflective film to enhance the brightening technology electronic products of the screen, the new 3M brand promise will be a new way to communicate to overturn the stereotype of the world 3M brand.

     "3M is a science and technology cooperation and the creation at the heart of our products to make life better source of power. Today, we invite new and old customers to experience the surprise and its extensive influence 3M brings science and technology to everyday life." 3M Company senior Vice president of sales and marketing JesseSingh said: "the new brand promise injection 3M, 3M will help to promote the development of business strategy, 3M further enhance the customer experience, and leverage our brand in various fields, the effective promotion 3M further growth in worldwide business. "
       The new "3M technology to improve life," the brand promise will be fully digital marketing to existing and potential customers to promote. First, 3M will launch a series of video clips from a surprising angle display 3M how technology make people's lives better. 3M's official website (3M.com) will improve the existing search, navigation and display features to provide a more consistent user experience for customers. In addition, 3M 3M website under News, will also be illustrated in the form of science and technology on 3M launched a series of special reports.
       With the simultaneous launch of the brand platform and a new visual system, which effectively integrates 3M marketing and design professional, eye-catching colors, textures and text to give the brand vitality. 3M's own digital communications platforms and other communication channels will use the new visual system to be updated.
       As part of a global brand promise publishing activities, 3M will hold a grand celebration in Austin, Texas, USA "South southwest" Interactive Festival (SXSWi) on. By then, the audience will have the opportunity through 3MLifeLab booth, the first to experience the "3M technology to improve life" theme activities. 3MLifeLab unique booth structure designed by New York designer firm SOFTlab, and full use of 3M material, fully demonstrate the infinite charm of 3M technology.
       3MLifeLab stand open to the public in Brush Square Park (East Fourth Street, Trinity Street, Cambridge intersection, opposite the Austin Convention Center) on March 13-15, 10:00 to 18:00. 3M's R & D staff will organize various seminars and product demonstrations at the site, visitors will experience the latest technology 3M change people's lives.
       In addition, 3M also the world's largest music television network MTV on "South southwest" Interactive Festival partnered by disc jockey TOKiMONSTA performances will integrate technology and music. In addition, the disc jockey will put 3MLittmann® electronic stethoscope (that supports Bluetooth-enabled electronic stethoscope) collected her own heartbeat to go into music.

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